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    Do you also take weddings in other countries, or only in Apulia or Italy?

    Obviously yes! Traveling is an important part of the story writing process. The journey itself has a great influence on our work.

    How do you work on the wedding day?

    Most guests will think that we are your friends and not the video operators. We will never make you feel uncomfortable. A typical shooting day for a wedding film is around 16 hours and includes preparation (dressing), ceremony and reception.

    My future husband and I live in very distant towns, but we would both like in our wedding film the preparation scenes at home, is it a problem?

    Absolutely no problem. Initially, for the dressing phase, the team split to ensure the documentation of both bride and groom from the beginning of the day. Once in church, the team meets to coordinate the rest of the day.

    Would it be possible to have the drone on the wedding day?

    Yes, except in adverse weather conditions or locations with particular restrictions. We can option the shooting with the drone for the scenes that we believe can give added value to the rest of the video material.

    We would like photos and videos that portray us in the most spontaneous possible way, we don't like to pose and we would like to be as free as possible that day, can you do it?

    Absolutely yes, the photo reportage style and the wedding film are born to fulfill the search for spontaneity and discretion, leaving the newlyweds and guests all the space and time to enjoy their day.

    Hi, from what time are you operating in the house of the bride and groom?

    Based on the needs of the the couple, we begin to document the preparation phases around 8.30 a.m or 9.00 a.m. For ceremonies held in the evening, from 2.30 p.m. or 3.00 p.m. If there are different needs, schedules are flexible.

    After the cake cut we would like you to stay for the after party with friends, is it possible?

    Usually the post party material is not included in the wedding film. To satisfy your needs, we can document the first ten minutes of dancing with the guests who arrived for the cake cut..

    Is it possible to view the work before delivery?

    Of course, we will contact you to view the work before the final draft.

    Will you post photos and videos of our wedding on the internet / fb?

    Only with your permission. We reserve the possibility and the choice of material to be published on our website and on our social pages.

    What is the final product?

    What you will receive is first of all a unique and exciting story about you and your special day. This is the most important result of our wedding service. We don’t think we can define love for the number of minutes. Our work is always very individual and couple-oriented. However couples are usually happy to have a short film of about 3-5 minutes or a combination with a longer story of about 15-20 minutes.

    Can we have a couple session before or after the wedding?

    Sure! We can have some more time together. And do you know what? In most cases it is free!

    Do you also take pictures?

    No, because we are specialized in video production, but we collaborate with the best professionals in the industry, Antony Pepe and Francesco Sofia. I invite you to visit the dedicated page.